What is Sugoi corp.

Sugoi corp. (from the japanese 凄い, which means amazing) is a company dedicated to the organization of personalized travels, where what matters is that everyone enjoys at maximum the experience.

Because we do not sell a trip, we offer an amazing experience.

Let us speak out; we all know how the organized trips work and the problems they have: hurry and fixed schedule, being upset because you can not choose everything you want, going together, closed packages without possibility of changes, etc. Thus in Sugoi we design the trips to enjoy and have fun. They can be done alone, with your couple, with a small group of friends, or in a big group, even with people you do not know. What we do is to use our resources so that each person choose exactly where he/she wants to be and what to see, eliminating all the disadvantages of the travel packages and letting each person discover the places at its own rhythm and way, preserving the individual freedom.

One of the benefits we bring from Sugoi is the time. Plannig a trip requires a lot of time and effort, especially if the place is unknown. From Sugoi we offer the option of planning your adventure; just tell us “I want to go to New York. I want to stay a week and see the monuments and typical buildings. And also I want to see a baseball match. “ By hiring our services, we will offer you a simple questionnaire with a few questions to know your preferences and that will help us to plan your desired trip, on your way. We will consider your budget and other relevant aspects of the trip, as the guide we will make for you will include everything needed to be organized (maps, transport timetables, reservations, directions, routes…) and it will become one more memory of the adventure. You will not need to worry about nothing, just relax and enjoy it.

Additionally we also offer a small guide with simple expressions and phrases useful on the chosen destiny, because the language should not be a barrier that obstruct your trip.

Daniel López Daniel López

A graphic designer by profession and co-founder of Sugoi corp.. Besides I am also a photographer, and one of my many passions is traveling. And when I say travel I mean to do it in its multiple variables: with the backpack until my legs can not resist anymore, catching a plane to go to the other side of the world, going to the adventure in the middle of the nature o going to one of the most cosmopolitan cities. Everything depends on the moment, the place and the idea of the travel, but mostly I have realized how truly enjoy travel: without worries and at maximum.

I guess that is where part of the idea of Sugoi arose, of providing that same experience to anyone, that does not matter nothing the languaje of a country, or the complications that have their manners. That when seeing a picture you feel the need of “I want to be there. I want to live that” and that you can do it without all the problems that involve to prepare a trip.

As you may see, one of the highlighted countries is Japan and that is due to my love for it. And it is not casual, because all my life I have felt a certain attraction to this country: its manners, its history, its people, its language… Over the years the opportunity to go arose (and was repeated), letting me discover a country so different of the rest of the world and yet so wonderful, that despite knowing it, I can’t stop surprising myself each time I am back.

But this is not all, we also want to rediscover our own country because there are a los of places, festivals, routes or cities that would surprise us if we venture to discover them.

We sill continue travelling, having fun with it and sharing our experiences, why you do not to do the same too?

Victor Crego Victor Crego

A biologist, scientific by profession and co-founder of Sugoi corp.. Also, two of my passions are being in contact with nature and to travel.

Since I was a child I have been fortunate to make many trips and to live for a time in places as diverse as Berlín, Amsterdam, París (and other French cities and towns), part of Ireland, the west coast of Canada (Vancouver, Vancouver Island and surrounding areas), a few U.S.A. cities (Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, etc.), a few of northern Africa, the Tunisian Republic, Japan (exploring different cities, towns and remote locations), and of course touring Spain (including the warm east coast and the Canary islands for example) and Asturias (my homeland) exploring both urban environments enjoying the architecture, history and pleasures of the big cities, and walking around small towns loaded of charm, but also reaching natural spaces that exude a quiet capable of relax any spirit.

I have also practiced many sports and activities that were always related with nature: climbing, rappelling, hiking, free running, outdoor camping, skiing, cycling, diving, sailing, kayaking, swimming in open water… Similar to the explorers of the stories and tales, my goal is to live a life full of adventures, touring big cities, enjoying different cultures and manners of each site, exploring new areas and getting lost in paradisiacal places far away from civilization. You do not want the same? It can be a bit complicated when living in this society, but with our help and advices we can make you become an adventurer like us.

There come always a point in life when you need to disconnect, have a change of air, break the routine, find your special place, find that thing you feel you lack… All you need is a desire for adventure, because (as it is said) the important thing is not to arrive at the destination, but the path you travel and what you learn in it.

My expectation as a member of Sugoi corp. is to share my adventures and experience with you, and help you to have the best trip or vacation ever, that goes beyond any imaginable plan. I already have my next trip planned and I am preparing the next adventure, what about you?